A4 Ogunfemi Charity Foundation Donates Desktops and others devices to Sola Abiala Media Resources Centre – FPI
The A4 Ogunfemi Charity Foundation has made a remarkable contribution to the Sola Abiala Media Resources Centre at the Polytechnic by donating a range of desktops and other essential devices.

This generous donation is aimed at enhancing the technological infrastructure of the centre, providing students and staff with advanced tools to support their educational and professional endeavors.

Dr. Ogunfemi Tokunbo, the founder and chairman of the A4 Ogunfemi Charity Foundation, expressed his enthusiasm for supporting the Polytechnic community.

He highlighted the foundation's commitment to improving educational facilities and ensuring that students have access to the necessary resources to excel in their studies.

"We believe in the power of technology to transform education and empower students to achieve their full potential," Dr. Ogunfemi stated.

The donated desktops and devices will significantly enhance the capabilities of the Sola Abiala Media Resources Centre, offering students access to modern technology for research, learning, and media production.

This will enable them to gain practical skills and experience that are crucial in today's digital world.

The Rector, Dr. Mukail Aremu Akinde, expressed his gratitude for the foundation's continued support and dedication to the Polytechnic. He assured that the donated equipment would be utilized effectively to enrich the educational experience of the students.

"We are deeply grateful for this generous donation, which will undoubtedly have a positive impact on our students' learning and development," he said.

The commissioning of the new equipment was attended by key members of the Polytechnic community, who expressed their appreciation for the foundation's unwavering support.

This donation underscores the A4 Ogunfemi Charity Foundation's ongoing commitment to fostering educational excellence and supporting the growth and development of the Polytechnic community.

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