A4 Ogunfemi Foundation Donates Qurans and Power Generator to FPI Mosque
A4 Ogunfemi Foundation has generously donated 50 copies of the Holy Quran and a 6.5kva power generator to the Polytechnic Community Mosque.

This meaningful contribution is aimed at supporting the spiritual needs of the community and ensuring a consistent power supply for uninterrupted worship and activities at the mosque.

Dr. Ogunfemi Tokunbo, founder and chairman of the A4 Ogunfemi Foundation, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to support the spiritual and communal life of the Polytechnic.

"It is a privilege to give back to a community that has played a significant role in my own development.

We hope these contributions will enhance the worship experience and serve the community well," he stated.

The power generator will ensure that the mosque can maintain regular activities without disruption, providing a reliable source of electricity for prayers and other events.

The donation of the Qurans will enrich the spiritual lives of the mosque attendees, offering them more resources to deepen their faith and understanding.

The Rector, Dr. Mukail Aremu Akinde, thanked the foundation for its continued support and generosity.

He highlighted the importance of these donations in fostering a strong sense of community and ensuring that the mosque remains a vital center for spiritual growth.

This donation is a testament to the A4 Ogunfemi Foundation’s commitment to supporting both the educational and spiritual well-being of the Polytechnic community.

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