Donation of ICT Centre named after SEYI-GBANGBAYAU for Department of Arts and Design – FPI
The A4 Ogunfemi Foundation has generously donated a state-of-the-art ICT Centre to the Department of Arts and Design at the Polytechnic, named after SEYI-GBANGBAYAU.

This remarkable contribution is aimed at providing students with the necessary technological tools to enhance their creativity and academic success.

Dr. Ogunfemi Tokunbo, the founder and chairman of the A4 Ogunfemi Foundation, expressed his gratitude for the opportunity to give back to his alma mater.

As an alumnus of the Polytechnic, Dr. Ogunfemi emphasized the importance of equipping students with modern educational resources.

He stated, "These facilities are meant to put students through so as to make them stand out among their peers when they go out to compete."

In his speech during the commissioning ceremony, Dr. Ogunfemi urged the Polytechnic staff to ensure that students have full access to the new ICT Centre.

He highlighted that the students are the primary beneficiaries of this resource, which is designed to enhance their learning experience and prepare them for future challenges in the arts and design industry.

The Rector, Dr. Mukail Aremu Akinde, also conveyed his appreciation for the foundation's generosity.

He assured that the Polytechnic would be responsible stewards of the donated equipment and that it would be utilized to significantly enhance the quality of curriculum development within the community.

He stated, "We are committed to ensuring that all the equipment donated will be used for the purpose of enhancing the qualities of curriculum development in the Polytechnic community."

The commissioning event was graced by notable dignitaries including the Deputy Rector, Academics, Dr. Mrs. C. B. Iro-Idoro, the Registrar, Mrs. A.F Babatola, the Polytechnic Librarian, Dr. (Mrs) B. C. Atulomah, Deans of Schools, Heads of Departments, and other members of the Polytechnic management boards and community.

This ICT Centre is more than just a facility; it represents a significant step towards fostering innovation and excellence in the Department of Arts and Design.

It is a testament to the A4 Ogunfemi Foundation's commitment to improving educational infrastructure and supporting the academic journey of students.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Dr. Ogunfemi Tokunbo and the entire A4 Ogunfemi Foundation for their unwavering support and dedication to the growth and development of the Polytechnic community.

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